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Swiss Witcher shines on Swiss TV: Featured in RTS1 Primetime News

The Swiss Witcher, well-known cosplayer and content creator, conquers the screens on Swiss television! Last weekend, the Swiss Witcher was prominently featured in prime time at 19:30 on the Tagesschau on RTS1. During a feature on the renowned Comic Con Polymanga in Montreux, the Swiss Witcher was shown no less than three times and wowed viewers with his impressive cosplay.

The Tagesschau on RTS1 is one of the most famous news programs in Switzerland and reaches a large audience. His extraordinary Witcher cosplay which embodies Ruedi with the appropriate gloomy aura was an eye-catcher and attracted the attention of the viewers as well as the TV crew.

During the feature on Comic Con Polymanga in Montreux, one of the biggest comic and pop culture events in Switzerland, the Swiss Witcher was featured several times. Ruedi’s impressive embodiment of Geralt of Rivia were highlighted in the daily news and made him a real eye-catcher. 

It was only thanks to the great response to his appearance on the Tagesschau that we even found out about it the other day. We hope that his appearance on the Tagesschau will help raise awareness of cosplay and Comic Con Polymanga, and get even more people excited about this fascinating world.

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