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Crowd Puller

The shooting star Swiss Witcher stands nearly 2 meters tall and comes equipped with a real-looking scar face. Enchant your visitors with the legendary Geralt of Rivia walking among them.

unforgettable experience

As an experienced service provider who attends several conventions a year, the Swiss Witcher will ensure that your event is an unforgettable experience.

simply makes your convention unforgettable

Cosplay Star to touch

Book Swiss Witcher for your events: Swiss Witcher at Comic Con Stuttgart 2022
Book Swiss Witcher for your events: Swiss Witcher at German Comic Con Düsseldorf, Dezember 2022

Real Life Geralt With The Right Size

The Swiss Witcher's imposing size of 1.96 m and realistic SFX make-up with 3D scars or black sclera lenses make him an eye-catcher. Add to that the acting ability to make Geralt dark, aggresive and dangerous. The result is a Geralt of Rivia that couldn't be more real.

Crowd Puller & Spectators' Darling

Impress guests with a realistic Geralt of Rivia. He draws a crowd and is ready for selfies with his years of experience as a photo & videographer to make sure every fan can post a great picture of themselves and your event on social media.

Experienced Media Professional

The Swiss Witcher is a standout, even to media partners, VJs, and journalists at conventions. He's a skilled TikTok creator and model who also excels at acting. He gives great interviews and always presents the convention in a positive light.

Unique Cosplay Star To Touch

The Swiss Witcher is confident and enjoys attention. He offers visitors a variety of experiences, from posing to fight scenes to cuddling. He's always willing to talk, has an open ear for his fans and fulfill requests with pleasure.

unforgettable Experience

The Swiss Witcher offers unique event services with his advertising knowledge and on-site assistance. As an experienced provider attending multiple conventions, he will make your event unforgettable.

CD Projekt Red Approved

The success of Swiss Witcher did not go unnoticed. Deloraine, a Czech music band commissioned by CD Projekt Red, produced two music videos. CD Projekt Red broadcasted them worldwide for the launch of the Witcher 3 Next-Gen update.

Limited time offer till February 2023

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limited time offer:
only chf250 CHF350

a day at convention as Walking act, not included are the costs of transport, board and lodging, workshops or stage fights

Play Video about Swiss Witcher at Herofest Bern, 5 Reasons why you should hire Swiss Witcher, Image from Intro sequence from Thomas Sitzmann, Sitzmann Film, https://www.youtube.com/@sitzmannfilm, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0I-yr0WHM8

The success at previous conventions

“Grim countenance, terrifying presence. Ruedi amazes the guests at this year’s Comic Con in Stuttgart.”

RegioTV Stuttgart

experience in front of and behind the camera

Media Professional

Swiss Witcher played Geralt for Czech pagan folk band Deloraine in

Music videos for
CD Projekt Red

Swiss Witcher worked as Geralt of Rivia for CD Projekt Red in a music video from Deloraine Music. Scenery from music video "Silver for Monsters".
Silver for Monsters - Deloraine for CD Projekt RED
Swiss Witcher worked as Geralt of Rivia for CD Projekt Red in a music video from Deloraine Music. Scenery from music video "Steel for Humans".
Steel for Humans - Deloraine for CD Projekt Red

What started small in spring has now taken on unimagined proportions.

The «Swiss Witcher» already has nearly 20,000 followers on Tiktok and has given video interviews on TV Total, 20 Min. and regional TV channels in Germany. This success did not go unnoticed and in September a music band commissioned by CD Projekt Red, the makers and publishers of «The Witcher» games, contacted the Team Swiss Witcher and invited them to the Czech Republic for a video shoot.

In the process, two music videos were recorded in a 17-hour shooting session. «We started at 2pm in the afternoon and recorded countless takes until 7am in the morning,» confirms Ruedi Kamer. The music videos are highly professionally produced and serve to promote the update of «The Witchter III» before Christmas.

from the continent

Convention Calendar 2023

Convention Calendar 2023: It’s official – Swiss Witcher will be attending several conventions in 2023. The perfect opportunity for fans of the Witcher series to meet and interact with the Swiss Witcher.

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Coming soon in spring 2023: New Viper Armor

Brand new viper armor coming soon in 2023

The Swiss Witcher is proud to announce the upcoming brand new Viper armor from the game Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. This one-of-a-kind armor will be handcrafted from genuine leather and metal chainmail, making it not only visually stunning but also incredibly realistic.

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Additional possibilities

Workshops & Stage Fights

Additional Possibilities

Jeannette & Ruedi from the Swiss Witcher Team are highly skilled professionals who can take your convention to the next level. As a service provider, we offer additional possibilities to ensure that your event is unforgettable. From workshops on photography and photoshop to live sword fighting performances on stage, we have the expertise and experience to make your event a success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your event a memorable one.

The way you need to hear

Meet the team behind swiss witcher

Meier & Kamer
Photography & video

Jeannette & Ruedi have been a successful team for 30+ years, offering high-quality advertising photography, employee portraits, product images, reference images for hotels and construction companies, striking image composings, and short films for branding or social media.

A year ago, the Swiss Witcher was unknown in the scene. In spring 2022, Jeannette & Ruedi expanded their photography services to include cosplay and created the Swiss Witcher for their portfolio.

The story reads like a biography from the dream factory, thanks to the original character, acting skills, and entertaining social media clips, the Swiss Witcher became a well-known cosplay star overnight.

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